"Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016" fuarı vesilesiyle Türk ve Alman firma temsilcilerine konutta verilen resepsiyonda yapılan konuşma

Mehmet Fatih Ak 05.04.2016
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to host the Turkish as well as the German aviation industry company representatives benefiting from the ongoing “Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016” held in Hamburg.

As you know, the fast expansion of the global trade driven by globalization, has established the transport sector as one of the most important actors of the global economy.

Especially the aviation sector has been progressing rapidly and playing a great role in the international and intercontinental integration and unification in the last decades. In fact, it is the aviation sector that has been leading this process.

With the liberalization of the aviation sector and the commencement of scheduled flights by the private sector, the Turkish civil aviation has shown an unprecedented development and currently maintains a high level of growth.

Of course most credit goes to the Turkish Airlines, our flag carrier. In 2015, total number of passengers on domestic and international routes reached 182 million.

As a result of developments in the sector, Turkey’s rank rose to 11. from 30 among the International Civil Aviation Organization member countries.

Istanbul Airport is now the 3rd busiest airport in Europe according to the recent statistics of Airport Council International. Our growth rate is expected to continue with double digits as Turkish air carriers will double their fleet soon with more than 300 new aircraft.

In order to address the capacity challenge of this rapid development, we have undertaken to build the world’s largest airport in Istanbul.

Overall, Turkish aviation has become one of the leading sectors of our economy. These are the recent developments in our civil aviation sector in a nutshell.

There are also important developments in the military side but this is not our topic today, nevertheless, as you may agree, both sides are interrelated and support each other.

Alongside the developments in the service sector, we can observe a similar progress in the manufacturing area with satisfaction.

Turkish companies’ growing interest year by year for the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, verifies this progress. This year there is a record number of participant companies from Turkey, 15. We expect more companies next year, therefore we will try to allocate a single place around 500 square meters for a separate Turkish Pavilion. I would like to congratulate those who have been contributing this development, especially TCI, TSI and Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association.

Turkish Airlines has been in lead in the increase of demand in the manufacturing area as well. Turkish Cabin Interior and Turkish Seat Industries are the outcome of this effort.

This year, in February, the 300th airplane, a A330, has been handed over to Turkish airlines by Airbus. The inside having been designed and the economy class seats plus kitchen produced by Turkish Cabin Interior and Turkish Seat Industries, this entire journey making us proud. Today I happily learned that a Boeing 777 is also in the pipeline.

I sincerely congratulate both companies for their professionalism and success. I have no doubt; this development will lead to further achievements in the Turkish aviation industry in the coming years.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Leadership, cooperation, partnership and coordination efforts are indispensable elements for the aviation sector.

The annual Aircraft Interiors Expo taking place in Hamburg and our gathering this evening here serves exactly for this purpose.

In line with the “win win” principle, the successful and yet growing Turkish aviation industry, is open for German companies in building joint ventures,- and their investments.

We, as Turkish Consulate General in Hamburg, are at your service for further providing you information in regard to incentives and other details.

As a final word, - I would like to quote the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with his famous words dated back to the 1920’s emphasizing the importance he attributes to the aviation sector:

“The future is in the skies”.

I wish you all a wonderful evening and a fruitful business discussion.

Thank you.

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