Türkiye'nin Konuk ülke olduğu 2011 yılı Schleswig-Holstein Müzik Festivali'nin tanıtım toplantısında yapılan konuşma

Devrim Öztürk 21.03.2011

Dear Mrs. Albers, Dear Prof. Beck,

Dear Mr. Poppelbaum,

Dear members of (Festival Beirat Hamburg),

My Dear friends of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival,


I would like to salute you all in the name of the Republic of Turkey. I am honoured to be here today with the distinguished friends of Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. I want to assure you that Turkey values so much to be partnercountry of the Festival this year.


There are almost 3 million Turkish and Turkish origin migrants living in Germany today.This community now with the third generation born in Germany constitutes an important part of the modern German society with examples of success in every aspect of life. One example you will get to know this evening: The cellist Cem Çetinkaya from Lübeck. Tonight we also have a surprise for you that you will not see during the Festival. We have a traditional folklore group performing the heroic dance of men from the Aegean coast of Turkey.


Importance given to the culture and art of the migrant community will surely contribute a lot to develop the devotion of people to the country where they live in. In this respect we consider the selection of Turkey as partner country of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival to be a very well-directed decision and it will help introducing Turkish culture and music to the German public. Having in mind that 2011 we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of German-Turkish workforce agreement the Festival will have another significance for us.


Dear guests,

According to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic, art is the main vein of society. This Summer you will have the chance to meet the Turkish music and art and so to say, the Turkish society more closely.


Prof. Beck will give us a detailed information and more comprehensive idea about the program, but I would like to give some hints also:

You will get the chance to know the richness of Turkish music, its roots, its famous (in European eyes) irregular rhythm (ungrader Takt) and its development under the influence of Westeuropean classical music starting in the early ninteenhundred twenties up to modern music of nowadays.


You will hear the sound of exotic instruments like Kaval und Ney (Flöte), Kemençe und Keman (Fiedel), Kanun (Zither), Ud and Saz (Lauten), Darbuka (Trommel), Duduk and Zurna (Oboen).


You will get to know Turkish composers, former ones like Adnan Saygun, the first famous composer, pioneer of Turkish classical music, as well as contemporary ones like Fazıl Say.

And with world wide celebratedTurkish musicians, and extensive variety of music we will experience sentimental journeys.


We will meet the pioneers of the Turkish Clasical Music as well as new talents with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

With the Pera Ensemble and the vocalist Ahmet Özhan, the star of traditional Turkish kunst music, we will drown into the mystic world of Sufism with the whirling dervishes.

Turkish gypsy’s (Roma) wedding music with its typical clarinet will be brought to us by Selim Sesler,

Black Sea’s vibrant dance melodies you will hear from Hande Özyürek and her violin.

The lady singer Aynur will present her fantastic voice from SouthEast Anatolia.


We will catch up with Oriental beat given by the percussionist Burhan Öçal and the Jazzpert Hüsnü Şenlendirici and his clarinet.

From Kolektiv İstanbul, you will hear a mixture of Turkish folklore and dynamic pop from the Balkan.

DJ İpek İpekçioğlu will give a taste of her club music as mix of Oriental and Asian dance music with elements of folk, pop and electro.


We will also enjoy European composers interpreted by Turkish musicians, for example Hüseyin Sermet, world famous Turkish pianist living in France, giving romantic imaginations to us from Schumann und Liszt.

The fourhanded play of the piano duo and twins Ferhan and Ferzan Önder giving Bach, Hayden and Orff.

The pianist Gülsin Onay playing Rachmininoff under direction of Rengim Gökmen, director of the Turkish State Opera and chief director of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Ankara,

 - and we are looking forward to the premiere of Fazıl Say’s new composition, a commissioned piece (Auftragswerk) for the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, directed by Prof. Beck himself.


I believe that this year’s program will be fulfilling for all music lovers. Following all these concerts you will witness the close cooperation between European and Turkish musicians which I appreciate so much as a good example for all of us.


I would like to express once again my profound gratitude to the government of Schleswig-Holstein and to the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Organization Committee (especially Prof. Beck for all his efforts, as well as Mrs. Eva Albers for today’s reception). I also would like to thank Grand Elysee Hotel, to the talented young musicians and the folklore group, and also to you, dear guests, for your interest and attendance.  Thank you.

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